Individual therapy to help you achieve your goals.  I am an active therapist, a good listener, but not only a listener.  I help you by getting to know you very well, helping you see your blind spots and heal from past injury.  I am kind and caring and my job is to help you feel comfortable enough to talk over what is bothering you and help strategize and implement what will help you become who you want to be.

Couple therapy to help you achieve your goals as a couple, whether that is to re-connect, to enhance your connection or to disconnect.  I believe that couples want to be engaged and attached, but sometimes get stuck in a place where they can’t reach for each other or are misinterpreting the other’s reach.


Alternative Dispute Resolution, or mediation, is a way of facilitating a resolution to a conflict without going to court.  I am trained to be a neutral party and facilitate this process.  It is often used in child custody disputes, property division, wills and trusts, and even smaller neighbor and family disputes.


A short term, sometimes even one session consultation can often clarify how to handle a particular situation or issue.  This is usually helpful with parenting questions, or family visits or other discrete issues.

If you are a therapist, I am available for ongoing consultation on your work.  I have worked with many trainees, unlicensed therapists, and newer therapists.  I am supportive and offer clear direction when needed.  Therapists need ongoing consultation throughout their careers.


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