Nina Raff, LCSW 


   Welcome to the practice of Nina Raff, LCSW 


Are you feeling stuck? Need to change? Want to change, but you’re afraid?  Is your way of life ruining your life? Can’t picture life without substances, gambling, over spending, under earning, or your addiction of choice?  There is hope for you. I can help you chart a new path.  Help you heal past wounds and move forward.


Tired?  Angry?  Tired of the roller coaster of someone else’s choices?  You are not alone.  You don’t have to hold the entire world on your shoulders and do everything.  I can help you get off that wild ride and find your own path.


Can’t seem to connect with your spouse?  Maybe don’t even feel like connecting anymore? Stuck in cycles of fighting and unhappiness?  Let me help you reconnect and find out how to reach for each other again.  


Conflict is one of the difficult parts of life.  Angry? Can’t seem to come to an agreement on your own?  Thoughts of going to court? Mediation may be a better path to resolution.  Mediation is a process to help disputing parties craft their own agreement instead of going to a judge who doesn’t know you to tell you what to do.  Mediated agreements hold up better and people are happier with the outcome.

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